Monday, September 21, 2009
9:54 AM ●

to all my friends , family & the ones i care about.
forgive me for my mistakes or any wrong doings that i have done to you..
forgive me, please.
do invite me to your open house ! dont hesitate yah! hehehe.
( you D , i dont know if your seeking for forgiveness from me
but idk. cant forgive you just yet.. :') )
enjoy rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
big <3
9:48 AM ●

aku... AKU

its really addicting.. grrr.
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
9:34 AM ●

so im back. haha. whats up?
Monday, May 18, 2009
1:29 AM ● no drama violaters will be bitch slapped.

too lazy

okay, earlier in school tadi, someone got bitch slapped.
it wuz like,
Bitchslap Pictures, Images and Photos
GRRR! i feel sorry for him.. ):
not saying names.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009
6:00 PM ●

morning. :]
computer lab now, suppose to be doing d'project. haha. boringg.
humiliated myself dapan cikgu, well he was behind me pulang. i was singing some fucked up song while playing Cs. since i shot 2guys in a row.. HAHAH. noob berabis. well okay i cant be saying much , because SOMEONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... is reading from behind.
6:05 AM ● weird shit.

HAHAHAA! i just found the weirdest freaking keychain ever! hahaha! SEE ANY DIFFERENCE on this really cute doll?... was looking for my USBcable for phone, couldnt find it, looking for it everywhere! gave up, and sat on my chair... found this doll hanging on my lamp?! i swear, what the hell is this?! i dont buy things like these. is this a joke!? :\ i bet my mum hung that there... hahaha at first , i went "awww, so cute :]:]".. then.. i looked at the body..... *HAHAHAhahahaha wtf apakan ni?! *feeeeeeelsfeels* * hmm bear-like body? red beanie? -is matched with what?! (-,- )' -the crystal like puting wich is 2x bigger than its own eyes? (0_0 ) the rigged`st doll ive ever seen. im keeping you.


12:42 AM ● 11/05/09

uhmm, kemarin saya & Diyana ke gadong. 'finally! after 1month of hell@home. haha. saja buang boring. we missed each other so much smpai lastminute bah kan jumpa ani. after chatting,
"BAH! Diana, lets go out" ..
she was suppose to pick me up, tapi late sudah banar. i waited 4 till... 6! >:0 guess what? she got lost, katanya "eh zel sorri aku lupa bah spg mu aa" reasons reasons reasons! (-.- )' pelupa jua bnar my sayang ani. hoho. there wasnt alot of people .. well ofcourse right, its a Monday. so far, i met.. uhm. Quddus .. who else ah.. erh. lupa eh... it was really boring.. planned to gunting rambut, tapi inda mau eh. sabar saja dulu. hahaa. roaming around gadong since si Diyana cakap aku ani makin BER ISI! OMYFUCKK! )': .. biar ya, forced her to walk alot of rounds untill her kaki sakit.. it was fucking boring. so tengok wayang je. we had alot to choose from, i wanted Coming Soon tho, but she said she watched it sudah and and nada ramai orang, so... FUCK NO WAY IM watching with few people. hahaha. i = sissy. banyak babi sini sana .. gatal banar. yuck. kan bali ticket pun ada yang macam babi usulnya... damn you gatal baie pengurat. haha. .|.
one thing that wasnt babi-like.. hahaha. Diana & Farah saja tau tuuu. shhhdiam. *julur*
si Diana cecapi time kan bali ticket ahh, malu-malu babi tepulak. adakahhh.... hahaha.
the movie? good good. tapiii, boleh tahan la. not bad. ending nya, SUCKSSS.

ticket ani special! sekalork. hehes.

H-H baby!

si Diana sexy sini & aku bida 'memang jua bhe', thats why i uploaded this. bahahaha.



( Run to the city. )